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BERNICE BURESH is a journalist, international lecturer, and co-author of the award-winning public communication book for nurses, From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public. In her popular keynote presentations and workshops, she shows how nurses can take advantage of everyday opportunities to communicate with the public about their important work and increase support for nursing. <<More>>

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KrebKongress logoBernice will be doing a Silence-to-Voice workshop
November 11, 2016
at the Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Nurses conference in Richmond.

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You are a trauma nurse unwinding at home after caring for patients horribly injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. Then you get a call asking you to come into work to care for a new patient who turns out to be Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspected bomber wounded in a shootout with police. What goes through your mind in terms of professionalism, compassion, ethics, and concern about retaliation from people who think a terrorist should go untreated? Veteran Boston Globe health care journalist Liz Kowalczyk talked with the nurses who cared for Tsarnaev and explored the complex emotions they experienced. <<More>>


Blog: Nurse-Angels Never Die…. (although we wish they would)

Nurses Week has come and gone, but the insipid images this annual event engenders last forever. The Boston Globe’s 2013 Salute to Nurses advertising supplement is a case in point. It is so full of clichés, it could be labeled, An Insult to Nurses. <<More>>

Noteworthy News….